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Please help by making a donation, no matter how small.
Choose from any of the below non-profits or disaster-relief agencies.

Peace Winds Japan

Peace Winds is based in Japan, so your money will get disbursed quickly.

Second Harvest Foodbank

Based in Japan, Second Harvest is a food bank that collects food & distributes it to those in need. Your money gets disbursed immediately. See Japan Times (April 1, 2011) for more details.

Japanese Red Cross

Based in Japan, so your money will be dispursed quickly.

Peace Boat

Peace Boat is a Japan-based NGO / NPO. Visit their site for ways to donate, provide material aid, or volunteer to assist in affected areas. See Japan Times (April 5, 2011) for more details.

Esprit Travel and Tours

Donate small toys and gifts for children upon their arrival at relocation facilities. In association with Steve Beimel's Japan Living Arts.

Sake Samurai Donations Page

The JSBA (Japan Sake Brewers Association), along with the Japan Sake Brewers Association Junior Council, have set up a donation system to help affected brewers and their communities.

Japan Society

Based in New York. Founded in 1907 to foster cooperation between the people of Japan and the United States. 100% of contributions will go to organizations that directly help disaster victims.


Provides helpful websites, phone numbers, and donation links.
The Japan Times is also Japan's largest English newspaper.

Google Crisis Response

Provides links to various international agencies where you can donate
money, find people, and stay abreast of news & alerts.


Provides donation links to Save the Children, Globalgiving,
HandsOn Tokyo, and American Red Cross.

The Salvation Army in Japan

Based in Japan. The Japanese Salvation Army has three emergency service relief teams
operating in areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.

Based in Japan. Jhelp and its Japan Emergency Team organize volunteers to help in disaster areas, and to collect and distribute needed supplies. Those able to help on site in Sendai (Japan) or assist locally are asked to send name, telephone, and age to

Couch Surfing

The Couchsurfing group, set up for the current Japan crisis, provides crisis housing. If you reside in Japan and have room to take in evacuees, please contact them.

The Association for Japan., Exchange and Teaching

Volunteer Information for People in Japan. AJET and Smile Kids Japan, with support from the JetWit JET alumni translators and interpreters group, have compiled a list of prefectural volunteer organisations (PVOs) mobilising volunteer groups to do ground work in areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. For details in English, click the logo at left. For an Enlgish list of Prefectural Volunteer Organizations, click here.


If you were a JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching Program), consider this donation
option with the Official National JETAA USA Fund.

Heart wrenching video
of disaster-hit Japan.

Pray for Japan. Please donate funds for disaster relief.


numerous people, academic organizations, and companies who have worked closely with Japan for decades.

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