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Infinite Knots developed out of a love for old Tibetan rugs and a desire to recreate them using traditional designs and materials. Founded by two Asian Studies graduates, the company takes pride in its knowledge of Tibet's rug-making traditions and the symbols and motifs found in Tibetan carpets. Infinite Knots is based in Japan. Company founders, Randy Ulland and Mark Schumacher, have traveled throughout Tibet and Nepal in search of the most authentic designs and materials for making such carpets. Both men are U.S. citizens who have lived and traveled extensively in Asia for more than a decade.



100% Hand-Spun
Tibetan Wool

Tibetan wool is considered the highest quality in the world because of the thick, hardy coats that the sheep develop from living at extremely high altitudes. Over time, carpets made from Tibetan wool develop a shine, or patina, uncommon in other wool. Tibetan wool has a natural springiness that resists matting.

100 Knots Per Inch

100 knots per square inch is the highest density available for carpets using Tibetan wool.

Vegetable or Chemical


Infinite Knots' carpets can be made using either chemical or vegetable dyes, although a wider selection is available in chemical dyes. In olden times, carpets were made mostly using vegetable dyes, but today most carpet makers prefer using chemical dyes because they are easier to work with. We know of only one Nepal workshop that uses vegetable dyes exclusively, although other shops will make carpets with vegetable dyes if requested. Some feel that vegetable dyes come closer to duplicating the distinctive hues that develop with age in older Tibetan carpets. But most manufacturers agree that both dye types yield colors that remain stable and improve with age. All agree that vegetable dyes are harder to procure and work with. Most modern Tibetan carpets are made using colorfast Swiss Sandez chemical dyes, which are known for their richness and consistency. Regardless of the dye used, colors will fade in proportion to sun exposure.


Designs typically feature a combination of curvilinear and geometric patterns, medallions, and Buddhist, Chinese and floral motifs found in old Tibetan rugs. Some 30 full-blown carpets can be seen at our Carpet Library.

Custom Designs

Carpets can also be custom ordered with the design, colors and size desired by the customer. Please call for details.


3 X 6 feet (90 X 190 cm) is the traditional size made by Tibetans for sitting and sleeping on. A wide selection of designs in this size can be viewed at our Web site. Other common sizes include 3 X 3 (90 X 90) meditation carpets, 2 X 4 (60 X 120) carpets, and runners. Please visit the company's Carpet Library to see examples. Virtually any size can be made to order.


Prices are competitive because the company works directly with carpet workshops in Nepal. No mid-level dealers are involved. Click here to see price lists.

Ordering & Delivery

Production and delivery usually takes a minimum of 1.5 months for a single carpet and around three months for bulk orders (ten or more carpets). Click here for more details on ordering.

Carpet Care

All customers are provided with instructions on caring for, cleaning, and maintaining their carpets.

(No Child Labor)

Infinite Knots does not deal with workshops that employ children to make carpets. The company inspects each facility it works with to insure that children are not being exploited.

Charity and Donations

Infinite Knots pledges 10% of annual sales to sending Nepali children to school. Carpet production has helped Tibetan refugees rebuild their lives outside their homeland, and Nepal is generally considered to produce the best quality Tibetan carpets available. Returning a portion of one's good fortune to others less fortunate, but with equal potential, helps spread goodwill and reduces separateness in the world. Infinite Knots encourages customers who would like to do more to explore the links found here.

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