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Name:  Lhami Sherpa
Sex: Female
Born:  1989
Birthplace:  Solo Khumbu, Eastern Nepal
Father:  Wangchuk Sherpa
Mother:  Tsechu Lhamo Sherpa

Lhami has three elder brothers about 18 to 25 years old. She has also two younger brothers aged five and seven. She has also two elder sisters who are about 15 to 17 years. They all live at home with the parents and help in field works. They grow some potatoes and maize if they get good rainfall in time. Otherwise, sometimes they don't grow anything or wash away by storms. Then they have to go on hungry.

Lhami's mother is handicapped. All her fingers are dried up. She cannot do much work.

Father's work is in a monastery and sometimes he teaches younger monks a little of Buddhism and art works.

This is a big family with all together eight children. Two of the younger children goes to a government local school but others never been to school and does field works.

Lhami was brought here by a member of school management committee and recommended the child's admission free as she is a very poor family child. With the help of a relative, Lhami went to a school in Kathmandu last two years and is good and hard working.


Mr. Dorje Namgyal, Gen. Sec./Principal
Buddha Memorial Children's Home

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